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European wearable technology startups


There are many European startups launching great products in the burgeoning wearable technology market, helped in no small part by the availability of relatively inexpensive skilled workers, combined with some very smart thinkers (and tinkerers).

It’s no wonder that many EU entrepreneurs – particularly in France (Withings, Omate), Helsinki and Sweden (Narrative, Koru), Italy (GlassUp, CUTECIRCUIT), the UK (Kovert, Race Yourself) and Russia (Auralytics, Creopop) have an almost superhuman ability to fuse empathetically beautiful design, and hardened technological expertise to create touching technology.

And yet, all the major acquisitions in this space have happened in the United States: Oculus Rift, Nest, Beats, SmartThings, Basis – need we go on?

The article on Tech.EU answers why this is the case.