EKKTA | Creative Unity

EKKTA is a one-stop service point for businesses that offers all-round package of services for the transformation of creative ideas into market ready IT products.

The comprehensive package of EKKTA services includes: IP-related services, Creative services, Design services, IT-related services, and Innovation services.


EKKTA is geared primarily toward the cooperation with digital economy startups, independent developers, artists & musicians, and SMEs.

Studies show that around 1/3 of all startups experience the problem of shortage of expertise to commercialize their ideas. It means a big number of developers with interesting ideas and technology skills cannot put out their products on the market unless they receive a professional assistance in creative management, product development, marketing, business management, and legal representation. This is where EKKTA comes into play.


EKKTA stands for Creative Unity – providing services for the transformation of creative ideas into market ready products.

EKKTA’s innovative all-round package of services makes us a one-stop service point for creators.


EKKTA is a loyal expert companion in our clients’ business enterprises. Our unique expertise secures long-lasting client relations.

The quality of EKKTA consulting services is based on 20 years of professional legal career, comprehensive knowledge and specialized expertise.