EKKTA | Creative Unity

As technology and knowledge are redefining all aspects of today’s information society IP-related industries are at the forefront of innovative changes.

A fast pace of technology commands the dynamic evolution of existing markets and forging of the new markets and new customers. The penetration of technologies and easy access to them leads to increasingly intense competition.

An expert business advice, based on deep understanding of IT industry, ensures that interesting concepts and ideas can compete in such competitive market.


Many startups make grave mistakes in the very beginning of their business that cost them dearly later on. These mistakes revolve around intellectual property, properly structuring business arrangements, founding team members, product development and marketing decisions.

Our legal background and understanding of finances, marketing, and technology will ensure you make informed decisions with desired outcomes.

This way we have come to growing a brilliant and well researched concept into an innovative service called Preenster. More on this project in the Products section.


EKKTA’s expertise in IP-based industries makes us well positioned to spot promising IT startups. EKKTA is actively pursuing investments in innovative early-stage startups through our StartNub project. The portfolio of EKKTA investments includes Brainify, Floating Market B.V., Manus Machinae B.V., Almanapp, and EventInsight.

EKKTA also backed a product development of SPIN remote, Everykey, Mousr, ProtoFlux, Skoog.


Furthermore, EKKTA is developing at present several innovative IT products of our own in the area of electronics and robotics.

Our Innovation services include: Business advice, early-stage investment in tech-startups (StartNub), Software, Robotics, Smart electronics.