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IT-related services

Software development

We offer custom software development to provide our clients with flexibility and optimization options they need when developing their projects.

Our main focus is on the automation of communications for Customer Support Services.


IT consulting

An efficient use of information technology helps achieving business objectives and overcoming numerous challenges.

We offer IT consulting services to SME’s to improve the quality and efficiency of business operations by making smarter use of the technologies.


Product development

Any inventive idea needs to go through many stages of the product development process to get to the market. The perfect mix of idea and technology is, however, hard to achieve. Not every brilliant idea is feasible. Yet, every idea needs to be examined for practical and technical solutions, for they determine investment and production costs, manufacturing risks, market price, and results of a final product.

To bring ideas and startup companies forward we provide advice on product development and prototyping from ideation to prototype validation through a wide network of professional relations. We can assist tech startups in finding appropriate prototyping shops, product documentation and certification specialists, and production facilities.