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Information society
US CLOUD Act allows US authorities to legally compel service providers to provide data stored on foreign servers under their control.
Strict rules to protect the secrecy of electronic communications can hamper EU digital innovation
US administration's new FCC chairman is hastily pursuing the anti-consumer policies dismantling net neutrality regulations.
The Dutch foreign minister and the head of the EU foreign service propose a designation of specific elements of the cyber domain...
The right of linking to already-public information has been jeopardized by the legal prosecution of an unofficial spokesman for Anonymous hacking group.
Gunther Oettinger talked of future UN agency for data protection and security at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
Google's executive chairman foresees the vanishing Internet and the new seamless at-oneness with the digital world.
Federal Communications Commission bows to the massive public campaign for protection of net neutrality.
A list of top 5 policy issues of last year that affect how we will be using technology in 2015.
Hot on the heels of Sony hack american business community debates revenge hacking tactics to fend off attacks by cyber criminals.
Angela Merkel outlined a vision for the future of the internet with a "special" lane for high priority service.
EU data regulators oppose limiting de-listing to EU domains in their effort to guarantee rights to privacy are respected by internet search...