EKKTA | Creative Unity

EKKTA is a one-stop service point for businesses that offers all-round package of services for the transformation of creative ideas into market ready IT products.

The ‘Creative Unity’ package of EKKTA services includes: IP-related services, Creative services, Design services, IT-related services, and Innovation services.

In providing our services we offer a 3600 degree flexibility and 24/7 availability to meet the most demanding expectations of growing businesses – startups, in particular.


Bringing ideas to life is an arduous challenge. Far too often innovators and creators have a very limited understanding of business management, marketing, and legal requirements to succeed in the marketplace.

EKKTA brings to the table of clients a package of expertise, knowledge, experience and skills that provide an invaluable resource for developing an IP-based business.

Thanks to the combination of well-versed expertise in the fields of law, technology, and business we offer all-round package of services for creators designed to transform their creative ideas into market ready products.


We also put special focus on providing all-round expertise to the non-EU startups to meet their essential needs in extending the reach of their businesses abroad.

Non-EU based startups from regions experiencing the IT boom, in particular Eastern Europe, struggle with many more barriers to enter the global market than their EU or US competitors.

Hence, in order to build any viable business model they need to reach out to the partners abroad or to incorporate their businesses in either EU or USA jurisdictions. The representation of their interests by the professionals who speak their language and understand the technology is key to the success of their negotiations abroad.


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