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US CLOUD Act allows US authorities to legally compel service providers to provide data stored on foreign servers under their control.
Strict rules to protect the secrecy of electronic communications can hamper EU digital innovation
The Global Sourcing Association named Ukraine the Offshoring Destination of the Year at GSA UK AWARDS.
US administration's new FCC chairman is hastily pursuing the anti-consumer policies dismantling net neutrality regulations.
The Council of the European Union keeps blocking the legislation on the principle of net neutrality
New restrictive data protection law forces international internet companies to abandon Russian market.
Angela Merkel outlined a vision for the future of the internet with a "special" lane for high priority service.
Big tech companies roll out bold measures to protect the privacy of users by including strong built-in encryption in the new deices.
Obama asks the FCC to reclassify the Internet broadband as a utility.
Spark is making waves with Photon, a postage stamp sized Wi-Fi development board for building connected devices.
Microsoft's new CEO is busy making changes to the software giant's culture and products.
Edutainment is a growing trend offering games with the background in multiple areas and better accessibility to users that is poised to...